How to cook cabbbage

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How to cook cabbage

Cabbage is a great vegetable to use in the kitchen and provides essential fiber.  It goes with most dishes and is really versatile if used with a little imagination. You just have to cook it the right way to avoid mushy, tasteless and unappealing cabbage.
Follow these simple tips to make sure that every time you cook a cabbage you get great results!

1. Choose the type of cabbage carefully
I find that Savoy cabbage works the best.  When you buy the cabbage look at how firm it is, test it by giving it a little squeeze to make sure that it is fresh.  The color is important, you want to look for a dark green leafy shade.

2. Take the outer leaves off
Peel off the outer leaves, you can use a knife, but using your hands is much better.  You only want to take off the large outer leaves.

3.Cut the cabbage
Using a knife, cut the cabbage into segments.  Each segment should be an eighth of the whole.

4.Wash the segments thoroughly
Using a colander rinse under cold, fresh water.

5. Use a steamer
This is by far the best and most healthy method to cook your cabbage.  You can get steamers from most places, but make sure you have one large enough for the quantities you are cooking. Set the steamer for about eight minutes.

6. Get rid of any water
When you take it out of the steamer, make sure you get rid of any residual water.  You can do this by putting it into a colander and shaking.

7. Ready to serve!
Add butter or cooked onions to the cabbage for great tasting results.


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