Types of Shredders

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There are only two types of shredders; crosscut paper shredder and strip cut shredder. Although Confetti and micro cut shedders may be easily mistaken to be additional types of shredders, they are not because they must have a crosscut for them to form a micro or confetti cut. You can also view shredders based on the number of pages they can shred at once. Such shredders include; heavy duty, medium duty, light duty and commercial shredders. The best type considered to be prevailing in the market is the crosscut shredder.

For better security of your documents, it is advisable to use a crosscut shredder instead of a strip cut shredder.  For instance, taking the strips from a strip cut document and having them cut into various pieces of two inches or even less gives a result of a shredding that is almost irreversible.  This kind of shredding can be done by a heavy duty machine for not only documents but also DVDs, CDs, credit and ID cards. With this, you are protected against identity theft or any other form of document theft.

Commercial type shredder in addition to a pulverizer is commonly used by most businesses that handle documents which contains confidential client information.  A pulverizer’s job is to turn your documents in paper dust destroying it completely there by preventing totally any form of reconstruction of the document. Compared to the ones used by the public like the Powershred DS-1 Shredder, commercial type shredders are much more powerful.  One advantage a commercial type shredder has over the Powershred DS-1 is that the former can take 5 users at once with 20 sheets per pass on average while the latter can take 5 users at once with only 12 sheets per pass on average. Again, the powershred DS-1 may be a heavy-duty shredder but it cannot pulverize a document.

There are other available shredders like the Intellishred SB-89Ci Jam Proof Shredder and the ROYAL 29124X Medium-Duty Crosscut Shredder. You can find these shredders as well as others at various online retail dealers where you are allowed to make various comparisons of your choice in terms of price, features, brands and retailers. Compared to local dealers, all the machines they sell are at discounted rates and of great quality. Buying a shredder from an online dealer will provide you with protection against identity theft, decrease your weekly volume and give you that peace of mind you’ve been seeking.

 You can use the ROYAL 29124X Medium-Duty Crosscut Shredder to shred small staples or paper clips but not CDs or DVDs. The Intellishred SB-89Ci Jam Proof Shredder or the Destroyit 2403 Deskside Shredder is the recommended choice when it comes to shredding CDs or DVDs. All these shredders are available at numerous online retail dealers. The exact detail of each shredder is given by the retailer, making it easier for you to choose the one that best suits your needs. You can compare various shedders through comparison shopping available at SHOP.COM where shopping online is made easy and more convenient for you through their comparison shopping services.


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