Emotion and Anxiety

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Sometimes our emotions leave us in darkess, so much as to believe the sun has not risen. The Bible clearly speaks on human feelings. It also speaks of God’s presence and His love for all of us. Remember that God will send the sun after the darkest night. He sends a beautiful warm spring after the coldest winter. He offers our hearts joy and happiness after we experience a time of sorrow. Remember that He will never abandon you in your time of weeping.

God comforts you with open arms. He is always there and He listens. God is inviting you to speak with Him right this very moment. All you have to do is go to Him and He will listen, even if you are confused about what to say or ask. He will recieve your prayer and dry your tears.


In today’s fast paced modern world we have a million reasons to experience worry and anxiety. Yes, we come face to face with danger that lurks around every corner. Even the wise are faced with these dangers. People try to escape these dangers through shopping, sleep, video games, running, walking, and other types of recreation.

There is only One who takes the worries from our hearts and minds. God says for us to cast all of our worry and anxiety on Him. The first step in accomplishing this is to open your heart to God. Talk to Him, and tell Him of all your worries, anxiety, and fears, and all of those things that keep you upset. In return you will see that He is the One who can take all worries from you. He will bless you and place a special peace in your heart and soul. He will guard your heart. He will protect you, and in the end you will know that there is nothing to be worried about.  


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