A Mother’s Love

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The feelings that flood through me as I think of my baby boy. Now he has grown into such a wonderful man. Fighting for the Country that he loves and calls home. Being taken away from his family to fight for what he believes in. Proud to be an American!

Leaving you yesterday to me was so hard,

I will wait and worry until your home again Ill be on my guard.

You have grown into a wonderful son and man,

becoming a soldier with your mom your biggest fan.

Be safe on your travels across the big sea,

come home to me safely is what I want to be.

God please protect him in his journeys I pray,

Keep him close to you and out of harms way.

I love you my son and this love only grows,

you are my baby and for you here is a red rose.

The miles that are between us will not prevail,

we can keep in touch if only by snail mail.

I await for your message that things are going well,

and God has protected you in that great hell.

Being a Soldier is not a  small task,

you have excelled and cherish this mask.

The pride that I feel when I think what you’ve done,

Knowing in the end we all will have won.

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