How to Earn Extra Money

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Step 1

Freelance Writing:

Since you’re already here at eHow, why not start with that. If you stumbled upon this page by accident and you aren’t really sure what eHow is, let me explain. It’s a website with an endless amount of “how to” articles with tips on everything under the sun. They offer a WCP (Writer Compensation Program) which means you can write articles, just like the one you are reading now, and they will pay you on a pay-per-click basis.

If you have a passion for writing and you have good grammar, freelance writing is something you can consider to earn extra cash. There are several webites like eHow that will pay you to write articles.

You can also contact your local newspaper or magazines and ask if you can write as a freelance writer. This usually works by you picking a title or subject you are good at, write about it, and submit your work to the newspaper or magazine of your choice. If they choose your work, they will pay you for it.

There are also many businesses out there with websites and newsletters that just don’t have the people to write. Try doing a search on CraigsList for wanted writers.

Step 2

Turn a Hobby into Extra Cash:Many people have started out with just an ordinary hobby and turned it into a very successful business. I’m not saying you can do this overnight, but start out small. If you do something like knit, make quilts, photography, baking, painting, etc., and you’re good at it, there will be a demand.Again, you can do searches on CraigsList or join a local club to get your work out there. Contact your newspaper and tell them about your work and find out about possibly putting an ad in the paper for it. Starting out by selling your services one at a time will generate buzz if you’re putting out quality work.

Step 3

Child Care:If you’re already a stay at home mom, why not add a few more kids and make some money with it? If you’re good with children and you are a nurse at heart, get your CPR and First Aid license, and offer your services to some close friends for a cost. Word will spread and you’ll be raking in some money doing something you love.

Step 4

Pick Up Some Extra Hours:Talk to your boss and let him/her know that you are interested in putting in some more hours. Find out if there are any part-time positions available or if there are any extra hours. If there aren’t any, tell him/her to come to you first. Also, let your co-workers know that you are looking for extra hours, so if they plan on calling in or they need a day off, to let you know first. Picking up extra shifts is a great way to earn extra money.

Step 5

Sell Your Old Stuff:Most of us have junk drawers, closets, and garages full of stuff we don’t need and/or use. Do a “spring cleaning” and go through your stuff and make a pile of things you don’t need. Clothes, electronics, books, furniture, etc.- the things you might find as junk, other people might love! Sell your stuff on eBay, CraigsList, your newspaper classifieds, or have a garage sale. If you have a bunch of old books, you can earn some extra cash by selling them on


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