Challenges In Life-Poverty

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Challenges in Life

We face challenges in life everyday. Some of the challenges we face are rebelious children, health, money, marriage, divorce, etc. The list of challenges in life are quite many. God does not cause these problems, they are usually the result of our own poor choices and mistakes.

All you have to do is ask God to help you overcome these challenges and He will. God will reach out to you and He will never let you down. With God all things are possible and you will quickly overcome the challenges you face in life. You will never be alone. God has an unconditional love for all of us and it is beyond the understanding of humans. You deserve God, give God the chance to embrace you.


There is a constant suffering in someone’s life. An affliction is a source of constant suffering. It could be a number of things such as poverty, sickness, or anxiety. Many people who suffer these afflictions believe that no one understands them. They are mistaken, God does understand them. He is always here for us to show us the way out of bad situations.

Many people ask the question of why God does not end the suffering. God is able to do anything you ask of Him. God does not bring the trouble to you, but at times He will give you an affliction to experience or a time to walk through it only for reasons that is only known to God. I think it is because He uses these afflictions to draw you nearer to Him, or to make you stronger, or to have you become more stronger and secure in your faith. Trust God and He will lead you out of your troubles. He is the light.


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