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Apple has designed a whole line up of popular little devices known as the iPod collection. There are small differences in each, but each one holds its own individual content. There are five iPod types that are sure to please even the biggest critique.

The iPod was a great invention. And people are loving what it can do for them. It is very stylish and ultra modern so much so, that everyone wants one. It doesn`t seem to matter how old you are, whether you`re a ten year old or a fifty year old, the iPod is popular with everyone.

The iPod shuffle is the smallest music player with controls right on the earphone piece for easy access. It has a voice over program that tells you what song is playing and who sings it. It lets you travel with 1,000 songs where ever you decide to go. It also comes in five bold colors.

The iPod Nano is another great looking iPod. It has a built in video camera that lets you play up to 16 hours of video. It goes up to 16 GB and can play up to 4000 songs. The Nano comes in nine colors to choose from and it has a brilliant 2.2 inch screen display for viewing. This iPod also has a feature that allows it to shuffle through your music and create mixes for you; it can also tell what songs go together and plays them for you in that order. You can also use the FM built in tuner. It features Live Pause.

The iPod Classic is a well liked iPod with everyone. It has up to 160GB and can hold up to 40,000 songs. With over 200 hours of video, you will most likely never run out of space to film. It comes with a steel enclosed case that has rounded edges and comes in two colors. It also features a feature that allows it to mix music and shuffle them for you.

The iPod touch can hold up to 17,500 and 18 hours of video and it comes with earphones. You can play awesome games on it, surf the web and use program that mixes songs and shuffles them for you. This iPod really has everything you need for surfing and listening to music.

IPod`s are sold everywhere that electronics are available. Their prices change slightly depending on what store you visit. The iPod is well stocked everywhere, Apple is more than prepared for the amount of people buying them and have over stocked the shelves. They make great gifts for others and excellent purchases even when you`re buying it for yourself.

Selecting a particular iPod comes down to personal interest. If you want a video camera attached to your music play, then the Nano might be the one for you, especially with the way you can personalize it and choose from a huge selection of colors. If you are needed the internet while you listen to music then the iPod touch might be just the thing to quench your needs and desires. Some people even have a few iPod models. Each time a new one comes out, they run and buy it. Some people are true fans of the iPod and enjoy the media content that they supply and with all of the excellent features of each model it`s hard to not like it.

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