How Americans Can Assist With Relief and Rescue Efforts in Haiti.

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There are many ways that Americans can contribute to the relief and rescue efforts taking place in Haiti.  The recent earthquake has caused disaster for the poor people living in Haiti. 

 Thousands of children, babies and adults have been killed or seriously injured as a result of the earthquake.  Haiti is economically deprived to begin with; the recent tragedy is a terrible setback for those already struggling from day to day.  Most residents of Haiti live on as little as $1 a day or less. 

 First, many grocery stores and other organizations are currently accepting donations for the relief efforts underway in Haiti.  When you go to your local grocery store it may be a good idea to inquire about money, food and water donations.

 In addition, you can send money to Haiti by just calling one of the many available relief telephone numbers listed on television and Internet.  Money can be sent Western Union or you can charge it to your credit card or bank account.  Make sure you submit the information through a secured site before donating.

 Finally, aside from money, food, water and clothing donations:  Americans can also pray and ask God to help the poor and sick people who have been devastated by this recent tragedy. 

 Your donation could go such a long way.  The main concerns at present are food, clean water and medical care.  Injured residents may need something as simple as antibiotics to cure them.  Without the antibiotics these people could most certainly die, a real shame. 


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