I’am Back!

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Hello my friends, just wanted to let you know I’m back from my vacation. I went to Mississippi to visit my son who is a Sea Bee in the Navy.

I have never been to Mississippi and had a wonderful time there. The weather was not really hot but was much nicer than the North East where the snow flies and the ice forms.

The trip was bitter sweet knowing my youngest son will be deployed to the middle east in just a couple of weeks. I am very proud of my boy for joining the Navy to protect us from evil in the war zone. It takes special people to do this. Not everyone would give their life to save others. He is one of those people.

He is now in combat training learning the basics for treating the injured and learning how to fight is this senseless drama. He loves the navy and what it stands for.

While I was there we visited New orleans, and the famous Bourbon Street. I must say they call Las Vegas the city of sin, but to me Vegas was mild compared to this place. If your not into drinking and sex then I would recommend you not to go. We did have fun there but to be honest if I lived close by that would not be the first place that I would visit regularly.

We also saw the Super Dome. I was amazed how those people who live there bounced back and rebuilt the entire city after Hurricane Katrina. You can still see the remnants of what that storm did to businessess and homes. I could not help but be taken back to the news when they told us all that people were taking refuge in the Super Dome until help arrived. It is an amazing city and the people who live there are very strong indeed.

The mighty Mississippi River is incredibly large and an amazing site to see. I enjoyed seeing the city and being a part of this special place wishing I could have helped down there when the hurricane took place.

The rest of the time I was there was spent as quality time with my son knowing I may not see him again until September after his stint in the war zone is over.

I pray to God above that he will protect him and keep him out of harms way. I also would like thank thank all of the men and woman who have made this choice to protect us all as Americans from the people who want to hurt us here.

I love you Ethan and am so very very proud of you and all the rest of your fellow soldiers in the Middle East. Be safe and come home to me soon!


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