Runescape fast moneymaking!

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Requirements: Shilo Village quest complete, 40 mining, and heroes quest complete (optional) to charge an Amulet of                         Glory which gives 40% better chance of mining good gems!

This is the best way that I found to make money. I have made a lot of money like this but this is a members-only technique. So get your mining to 40 right no and start to make some money! Also, sooner, or later, a star is going to fall right by that mine and you can mine 200 stardust to receive about 90k worth of stuff! I would not choose another way. If you did get the Heroes’ Quest done, you are going to make some big money! more like about at least 200-250k per hour! But an Amulet of Glory is not needed for this. You can still mine without it. I have made a lot of money with this. To complete the Heroes’ Quest, you need some good levels though and It will take a while for low levelers to complete. You would need 53 cooking, 53 fishing, 25 herblore, and 50 mining. I would really recommend anyone to finish this quest. It pays off a lot. This offers a lot and you will get a diamond sooner or later that costs about 10k. I once got 4 diamonds in one inventory without the Amulet of Glory. That was over 50k in one inventory! This is a great way of mining and it does not get as boring, there is a bank really close by so get your pickaxe ready and go mine! You have nothing to lose, except your time.


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