How to Feng Shui Your Workplace

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Feng shui is an ancient Chinese science of life that symbolizes five important elements (earth, fire, water, metal, and wood) to create balance and peace in a person’s life. Feng shui is used to improve certain aspect of your life, and it the workplace, it can have astounding affects Feng shui your workplace to generate wealth, success, productivity, and prosperity.

Ceate a proper feng shui office layout. Starting by reorganizing your desk. Organize all papers, office supplies, ect, in their specialized locations. For instance, every office item has a place. Papers and files should not be lying around on your desk. They should be placed in file cabinets or organized in file folders. Loose pens and other utensils should be put in containers or in desk drawers. Keep cords from office equipment hidden. This will chi to flow freely.

Organization is essential to obtaining wealth and success. When you can find everything in a timely fashion, you feel more responsible and productive.

If you have your own office, situate your desk facing outward, towards a window or entrance and NOT toward a wall. Facing the wall can block chi energy flow, and facing natural light or an open entryway can stimulate creativity and productiveness.

Desk size is extremely important; you must choose an appropriate desk size for your type of work. For instance, if you work in corporate arena, using a desk (whether at home or in the office) that is the size of a coffee table, is inappropriate and counterproductive. Likewise, if your desk is too large, you may find yourself having to reach for things that are too far away. Find a desk that is conducive to your work habits, one that will not have you feeling overwhelmed, but relaxed and organized.

Invest in an office chair where you can feel comfortable without having to deal with back and neck strain. This is extremely important

Hang naturescapes, focused on babbling brooks or serene water environments to awaken clarity and relaxation into as workspace that needs to release tension and stress. Buy a small water fountain or aquarium to go at the entrance of your office or on the right of your desk. This will add soothing sounds to your workplace and positive energy flow.

Choose upholstery that reflects feng shui prosperity and wealth through colors and shapes. If your profession is creativity based, go for rounded shapes and curves that resemble the human body. This will influence the flow of creativity and give off a subconscious feeling of alignment. For individuals that work in corporate arenas, clerical, or managerial, wood square or rectangular-shaped office desks are recommended. These desks support the earth feng shui element, adding stability, reliability, and confidence to the environment.

Replace your workspace in a blue area. Blue signifies wealth and productivity. Blues holds the element of creativity, and strength. These elements are highly successful for achieving a successful career.


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