Farmville Top Tips: 10 Reasons to Create Extra Players in Farmville

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By creating extra players for your Farmville games, you can maxmize your XP for fertilized crops, make more money, level up quicker, and gain more basic control over some random aspects of the game

Farmville Top Tips: 10 Reasons to Create Extra Players in Farmville

1. Fill your Dairy Farms with cows quickly

With extra players sending you cows, you can quickly fill a dairy farm. When that one is full, buy another dairy farm and fill that one up, too.

2. Max out your Chicken Coop

Send yourself chickens to max out your chicken coop.

3. Increase Chances of Finding Mystery Eggs

Increase your chances of finding mystery eggs “to share with friends.” If you’ve ever fed a friend’s eggs only to receive the “share your mystery eggs with friends” message, you can now benefit from your own good fortune.

4. Build Collections Quickly

Iif you have five extra player friends you can build your collection of common items quickly, when the items are available as free gifts.

5. Gain More XP through Fertilized Crops

Because fertilized crops yield more XP, your extra players can fertilize your crops when your real friends are busy, ensuring that your main Farmville account levels up quickly.

6. Benefit from Seasonal Features

When Farmville introduces special features including the recent holiday tree, it’s easier to maximize your gifts and benefits when you have extra players sending you gifts.

7. Receive Extra Gifts

You can maximize the number of gifts you receive daily by sending gifts to your main account.

8. Get the Gifts You Want

Nobody knows what your farm on Farmville needs like you do, so why not send some gifts to your main account.

This will help you earn the Fenced In ribbon more quickly, when you send yourself free white-washed fences.

9. Make extra money by selling gifts – By selling off the extra gifts you receive on your main account, you can earn money faster for doing nothing.

10. Cash in On Bonuses – When your extra players earn bonuses, your main player will earn easy money by collecting on their posted bonuses. Be sure to publish the bonus when the extra player receives it, and claim in on your main account.

BONUS: Adopt More Animals – When a stray Farmville animal wanders onto the farm of an extra player, you will have little competition in claiming the animal.

How to Create Extra Players on Farmville


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