The Five Farmers You’ll Meet in FarmVille

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Are you a lazy or productive FarmVille farmer? Are you a lazy farmer? The type of FarmVille farmer you are reveals a lot about your real personality.

Five Farmers You’ll Meet in Farmville

Five Farmers You’ll Meet in Farmville: The Lazy Farmer

The lazy farmer is playing FarmVille because everyone else is. The lazy farmer won’t plant many crops, which is bad for neighbors who are trying to fertilze crops to find FarmVille Collectables. The lazy farmer is smart at maximizing space with trees and animals, and crops that take four days to harvest. Lazy farming is a valid strategy for FarmVille, and even the lazy farmer will progresss in the Zynga game.

Five Farmers You’ll Meet in Farmville: The Shopper Farmer

Dude, it’s FarmVille, not ShopVille. Some farmers have every decoration available to thier level and spend more time shopping and decorating than farming. Their farms look pretty, but once they max out the early ribbbons gained from architecture, fences and pretty farms, they will stop progressing in the game. The shopper farmer who does not want to plant will constantly send you gifts, but may quit the game quickly because they just want to shop.

If you have a lot of shopper farmer neighbors, be sure to send them gifts to keep them acitve and motivated to play FarmVille.

Five Farmers You’ll Meet in Farmville: The Addicted Farmer – The addicted farmer may have started playing FarmVille after you and progressed quickly in the game. You may see a lot of posts by this type of farmer, that are all about FarmVille, with no other types of status updates on thier walls.

The addicted farmer will send you gifts, fertilize your crops and help you raise your barns to increase storage. The Addicted Farmer in FarmVille is a great neighbor, as long as you don’t mind the constant FarmVille updates on your Facebook page.

If you are the Addicted Farmer, enjoy your run because one day you’ll wake up and realize life is passing you by and you know more about FarmVille crops and Collectables than you do about your own family. When playing FarmVille interferes with real life, it’s time to stop. If you have and addicitve personality, though, you need to face that fact or you will find yourself substuting your tranquil FarmVille farm for a potentially more dangerous habit.

Five Farmers You’ll Meet in Farmville: The Cooperative Farmer

The cooperative farmer is the dedictated farmer in the bunch. The cooperative farmer will return any FarmVille favors you give. If you send the cooperative farmer a mystery gift, the cooperative farmer will send you one back. The cooperative farmer plays along, and is a great neighbor.

Five Farmers You’ll Meet in Farmville: The Strategic Farmer

The Strategic farmer is not playing a random game. This smart FarmVille farmer has read the strategy guides, figured out which crops gain the most XP, coins and mastery, and play a serious game. The Strategic Farmer is competitive by nature and may be an athlete off the farm, or a go-getter. There is nothing random about the game for the Strategic farmer, and not no tree or animal is placed randomly. If you want to progress in FarmVille, watch and follow the Strategic Farmers.


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