Service Advantages To Comcast Tivo Dvr Partnership

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It’s no secret that Comcast is the number one kid on the cable block. They do for cable entertainment television what TiVo does for digital video recording.  What exactly is that?  The very MOST. There are actually customers (us oldies but goodies) who have been with Comcast since they first began way back in 1963.  Over the years, in spite of the fluctuations in quality of service, Comcast has continued to grow their entertainment library.

There is debate whether the Comcast customer service and billing standards rate the same as their large and diverse viewing selections.  It’s not unusual to hear a little grumbling and complaining in related online forums, particularly about billing.  Many a former customer has strayed from occasional discontent, only to find their way back inot the fold.  This is usually due to some new lure in the form of a “limited time” or “special promotion”.  Whatever the case, the bait is effective, and previous customers dutifully return.  Generally, the reconciliation is favorable and consumers are content to once again have access to their favorite viewing choices.

Comcast offers a humongous selection of movies, sports, concerts, news, special broadcasting and more.  All of this, in addition to the VOD library!  They also offer a number of other notable services such as internet and residential telephone service.

TiVo Number One Digital Video Recording

TiVo is number one in the digital video recording industry.  That is what made them a household name!  They developed the technology in 1997.  They are responsible for the very first DVR.  Today, the TiVo DVR that consumers can buy to use TiVo’s service is specifically tailor made for TiVo.  So is the user-friendly remote control that has won them an award.  The use of both these unique pieces of equipment allow viewers to record, fast-forward, operate slow motion, instant replay, pause, simultaneous recording and much much more!  Viewers build a personal library of choices to select, view and manipulate as they see fit.  But TiVo takes it a step further and provides suggested program viewing, based on the user’s previous choices and scheduling. This alone is enough to cause consumers to check out the service, but TiVo has way more than these features to provide.  With the recent pair up involving Comcast, TiVo just keeps getting better and better.

Both Companies Are Number One – Why Pair Up?

With both these companies number one in their own right, a few folks may wonder, why even pair up? Like others who are jumping on the digital recording band-wagon, Comcast has done so by offering DVR service.  They don’t, however, provide the caliber of DVR service or features like TiVo.  On the other hand, TiVo has mastered their digital recording technology and has it down to a science, but Tivo does NOT offer cable service.  Cable service is what TiVo truly hinges on, because that is where their customers get the movies and program selections that go into their viewing libraries.

With all this in mind, it’s a no brainer that Comcast and TiVo would combine their services and the number one status associated with both their names.  Together, they can provide the ultimate home entertainment viewing experience to customers.

So what is the MOST awesome thing to me about getting the special advantages of the Comcast/TiVo DVR service?


  • Tivo’s Online Scheduler is the feature that will let you do extensive scheduling of your favorite movies and other programs with a PC and internet connection
  • That meanns I can schedule from anywhere online, anytime I please. 
  • I can access literally THOUSANDS of VOD movies whenever I please. 
  • I can organize and catagorize my viewing selections any way I please,
  • And I can damn well WATCH them whenever I please!  How awesome is that?

For questions about Comcast Cable Service, Comcast DVR Service,  TiVo Service, TiVo DVR Box, Comcast/TiVo Partnership, or any other related information, follow the appropriate  link below.  With this virtual unlimited feast of viewing entertainment, consumers will never ever be able to say:  “There’s nothing good to watch!”


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