Search Engine Optimization Explained (For You)

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Now the media is all about SEO, SEO and SEO. There are tons of books, youtube tutorial videos and articles about how to get your websites and online content (like your bukisa articles) to be search engine optimized. Do you know that there are many millionaires that is being made just because they got their website optimized for search engine? Best of all, these millionaires do it without having to pay the expensive fee for having their links listed in the sponsored links. Now, what and how does SEO really works.

Simple Definition

SEO means to improve the chances of search engine like google and yahoo for finding your online content. It uses a lot of techniques and method to exploit the factors and algorithm that search engine company used to sort the web and deliver search result.

How Does It Work?

So are there specific method used? Since you ask, I am glad to share a few with you. Most method for SEO are trade secret, which means these knowledge are sold to customers who want their website to be noticed by search engines. However, I am willing to disclose a few common method that is well known here.

  1. Keyword research. Basically keyword research means to use popular keywords for your article/website title. How do you determine whether it is popular? Well, there are websites like or google analytic that does that for you. Normally, they will show how many times these keywords are searched in a day or a month.
  2. Back Link. Here is the part where it is most difficult for the general public to optimize. Back Link means to have more website from all over the internet linking to your website’s URL. That’s why you have SEO gurus telling you to promote your website with your blogs. Your blogs is back linking to your website.

Are there other factors for search criteria?

Google has a lot of other different factors that they used as their search result criteria. The real numbers of factors are only known by google’s engineers. However, published sources have show that google seems to like website that is older, website that trustworthy and website that updates regularly. This should do a good job in pointing good general direction for those of you who want to get noticed !


The conclusion is that in this new age of media, SEO is a very important skill to master. It is a great marketing tools for you and your company and its importance will continue to grow in the future as the internet is becoming more and more pervasive and indispensible


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