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I am sure that you all have heard about Haiti with the devastation, heartbreak, and pain that they are suffering.  The 7.0 magnitude earthquake left the people of Haiti struck with leveled down cities, losses, and family less.  This earthquake struck at the capital of Port-au-Prince on January 12th, Tuesday.  The damage that was left is devastating and just heartbreaking with numbers of death and injuries estimated to be even in the thousands.  I saw on the news today about Haiti and it showed some vary graphic images that were not only disturbing, but it actually brought tears to my eyes, they showed huge burial sites for the unfortunate people of this poverty driven country.  I wrote an article on the 10th about how this company called Norweco installing some water filters and chlorinators to the people in Haiti, which gave them running water for the very first time ever!  That was such a big deal, even though it was not mentioned as much on the news as the earthquake was.  All that is gone now and they are pretty much back to square one.  They need your help to rebuild their lives and cities back up to where they were just about to succeed.  This country has been filled with hate and devastation for as long as I can remember.  I remember back in my 3rd grade class, we learned about Haiti and how much hurt was going on there.  I am more than sure that it was going on before I learned of this.  I recently did some research on some relief programs that were taking donations to help out Haiti and I found World Vision, I’ll put their web address at the bottom or in a comment, I am also going to put my own donation page for Pledgie, and I am more than welcome to take donations, and for every $25 that I make I am donating 100% of it to World Vision to help those in need.  With either one that you choose, you are still helping in the same way.  World Vision is providing food, clean water, blankets, and tents to all the children and families that were unfortunate to experience this earthquake and the aftershocks in Haiti.  Your donation to World Vision will be gladly appreciated as well as my donation box with Pledgy, the money that you donate to me will be locked and secured and can only be donated back to a higher organization so I am not going use it for bad use.  If you will take time to check out these links and donate even the least bit to help those in need, it would be amazing.  With World Vision you can donate $25 or more, with mine if you need to even just a penny would help anything.  I will accept any donation of any kind.  I am just a 17 year old Georgia resident, who is looking to helping others and making a difference.

Thank you for your time to read this and understand what is happening in Haiti.

Please bare with them and show them you care by if not a donation, at least a prayer to our all mighty God for your prayers to be with those in need, everywhere.


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