Farmville Supportds haiti Earthquake Victims

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For the third time in six months, Farmville by Zynga Games is allowing ploayers to buy a special treat for themselves and support the people of Haiti.

In an effort to add funds for the Haitian Earthquake Relief, Zynga is allowing players to donate a minimum of 25 Farmville dollars in exchange for limited access to a new crop –white corn. The corn grows in six hours, never rots and is available for one week per donation.

Players can slowly accumulate Farmville dollars via playing, but the best way to buy them for the Haitian Earthquake Relief effort is to buy Farmville dollars via real cash. Zynga Games has a secure site which allows the purchase via Paypal or most major credit cards. The minimum donation, 25 Farmville dollars, costs $5 USD.

Unlike its previous Haiti support programs, this time Zynga Games is offering 100 percent of the proceeds raised through the sale of the white corn crop to the earthquake relief.

Not a Johnny-come-lately to supporting Haiti, Farmville and Zynga have previously offered similar promotions to aid in famine relief for the children of Haiti. Haiti is one of the poorest nations in the world and is the poorest in the Western Hemisphere.

Farmville on Facebook has more than 65 million players and is one of the biggest online communities in the world.

For Farmville farmers, purchasing access to the white corn for Haiti seeds means that the farmer can plant corn seeds at a cost of 10 coins per plot. In return, the player receives three experience points and six hours later can harvest the crop for a price of 125 coins. Unlike most crops, which wither after a few hours, the white corn will remain healthy until harvested as a special perk for those donating to the Haiti relief effort.

While the minimum donation is 25 Farmville dollars or $5 real cash, the Zynga Games site is equipped to take donations of up to 240 Farmville which it sells for a donation of $40.

In addition to receiving access to the white corn seeds, Farmville farmers who make a donation to the Haiti Earthquake Relief will also receive a Haitian flag which can be added as a decoration on their farms.

For a country that had a starvation problem before the January 11 earthquake, the continuing commitment of Zynga Games to meeting the needs of the people of Haiti is a definite reason to consider playing Farmville.


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