You Can Get Excellent Deals on Computers

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As technology today is fast advancing, almost everyone seems to need a computer in their daily life.  As the latest models command high prices due to their features, it may seem very difficult to get cheap deals on computers.  Fortunately, this is not totally true.

Since older parts, usually 2 months behind the newer models are considered outdated, computers parts have become cheaper.  Since the individual parts are cheaper, then assembling your own computer will be wiser.  In case you do not have the knowledge on how to assemble your own computer, there are parts shops that do the assembling for you. The only thing you need to give them is the list of parts you would prefer. The only challenge remaining is to know what are the parts needed for a decent computer.

First off is the need for a motherboard. The motherboard is where all other parts of the computer will be placed. Most pre-assembled deals on computers use a cheap motherboard. To get the best deals on computers it would be better to get a motherboard that is not too cheap or not too expensive either. You have to maintain compatibility with the other parts.

Next on the list is the CPU or the processor itself. The CPU is commonly mistaken as the whole box of the whole computer system.  In fact it is only the single chip that does the thinking. Most deals on computers say that they used the latest models of CPU’s this is not always the best deals on computers because the common programs that you will be using might not be supported by the latest hardware. So again, it is always cheaper and wiser to buy models that are not so new.

Other deals on computers say that they have a very large RAM capacity. But what exactly is RAM? RAM is the temporary memory storage used by your computer. A 2GB RAM is decent enough for a computer to be used at home or in the office.  The RAM just determines how many programs you can run simultaneously. Some stores that offer great deals on computers even have packages. You can get deals on computers for a RAM module in less than 20 dollars.

Of course, great deals on computers feature large hard disk capacity. But keep in mind that the larger the capacity the more expensive the item is. You should plan first on how much memory you will need in the future.  If you are the type of person who does not even know what a Terabyte is, then most probably you would only need 160 Gb of hard disk space.

This is quite a large enough storage for movies, music and all other files and applications you’ll need.  You can also choose the cheaper ones but they would only store something short of the 160 Gb range.

Lastly you will need a case to house everything in. Deals on computers almost always make it to a point to make their pre-assembled computer look good aesthetically. A good tip is to get a cheap case, then change it later.

Most commonly, deals on computers have video cards, DVD readers and burners A video card is not always needed as some motherboards have their own built in units.  While the DVD readers and burners are a great feature you can always just add them on later.

If you really want to save when buying a computer, it is not always best to get the pre-assembled deals on computers.  Individual parts will always be cheaper, plus you have the option to choose on what you really need.

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