World’s Largest Eggs Ever

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What’s the biggest egg you have ever seen? Check this out!

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These are not planets….


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Kiwi is just the size of a domestic chicken but it is capable of laying eggs that is 6 times the size of a chicken’s egg. Kiwi’s egg is not the largest of all eggs but Kiwi lays the biggest egg in proportion to its size of any bird in the world A Kiwi’s egg can weigh up to one quarter the weight of the female.

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The egg of an Emu on the average is 5.3 inches in length and 3.5 inches in width and weighs between 700 and 900 grams or 1.5 and 2.0 lb. Emu’s egg is approximately equivalent to 10–12 chicken eggs in volume and weight. Emu, which is endemic to Australia, is the largest bird in the said continent and is the 2nd largest bird in the world.

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Ostrich Egg

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Eggs laid by the Ostrich (Struthio camelus) can weigh 1.4 kg or 3 lb and are the largest eggs in the world today. The yolk is the largest single cell. On average, the egg is 15 cm or 5.9 in long, 13 cm or 5.1 in. It is 20 times heavier than the weight of chicken egg.

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Ostrich is the largest living bird in the world. It could grow up to 2.7 m or 9 ft tall and can weigh as much as 156 kg.

If you think Ostrich’s egg is large, take a look at the egg below.

Elephant Bird

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Elephant Birds or Aepyornis maximus, which once lived in Madagascar, are the largest bird in the fossil record. They grew up to more than 3 m or 10 ft tall. They are said to be related to Ostrich. These birds can attain weight of up to 500 kg.

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The eggs of these massive birds have a circumference of more than 1 meter or 3 ft and a length up to 34 cm or 13 in. Compared to a chicken’s egg, the volume of an Elephant Bird’s egg is about 160 times greater than a chicken’s.

Dromornis stirtoni

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Dromornis stirtoni was a large bird which inhabited Australia. It was 3 m or 10 feet tall and weighed an enormous 500 kg. Its egg is almost as big as the Elephant Bird.

So, you think Elephant’s Bird and Dromornis stirtoni’s eggs are huge, take a look at this.

Easter Egg

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This is the world’s largest Easter egg or pysanka. It is located in Canada, specifically in Vegreville, Alberta. It was built in 1974 in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. This Easter Egg has a width of 25.7 ft and a height of 18.3 ft tall and weighs 5,000 lbs or 2,272 kg.

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