Darksiders Boss Walkthrough- Guide 4, The Stygian.

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The Stygian is the fourth boss, and the third of the chosen. You’ll be pleased to know that despite the fact he’s been bigged up quite a bit, the Stygian is a pretty easy boss- made all the easier by your new ally… now you really are the horseman!

To begin with, ride ruin towards the crowd of demons in front of the Stygian. Have fun, and just maul everything before the boss fight begins in earnest. After you’ve killed a certain number, the Stygian breaks free and begins to run amok.

The Stygian has a weak spot (Like almost every other boss), in its mouth- just like all the other worms. However, the Stygian’s weak point is covered by an armoured shell, and you can’t get at it right away. This is easily remedied though. Simply ride Ruin around the area, dodging the Stygian’s attacks with Ruin’s charge. Eventually, the Stygian will surface, but not attack and simply cruise around. You need to ride alongside the Stygian’s mouth and attack the metal cover with your sword. It takes some time, but eventually, you will break through.

Now all you need to do is keep riding and dodging, and use the mercy gun and lock on to attack the weak spot as you evade the Stygian attacks. The Boss also develops a new attack where he summons some lesser worms to attack you. Treat them like you do the Stygian, lock, keep shooting, evade. You’ll need to keep an awareness of your surroundings though, or one of the lesser worms may creep up on you.

Keep fighting, Shoot the weak spot, evade the Stygian’s main attacks and eventually, the Stygian will fall over. Like any boss, you need to finish the Stygian off with a grab attack.

Well done, you’ve killed the Stygian, and got your mount back. Head back to Samael for directions to the final fight.

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