How to select garden spot for Christian cross display

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Christians often use crosses to remind them of their faith. Sometimes they create special garden settings displaying a cross or two.  Get some ideas on selecting different garden settings and types of crosses for a garden display.

See the Auhor’s sketch of typical special garden setting

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How to select garden spot for Christian cross display

Things you’ll need:

  • Graph paper and pencil
  • Digital or cell phone camera.
  • Pictures of your garden spots you think would be appropriate for a Christian cross setting.
  • Computer,  printer, photo-quality paper for copies of garden settings
  • Paper files to keep copies

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Walk through your garden with your camera or cell phone, take several pictures of potential gardening-cross settings. Watch for small clearings where you can add a bench or stone to sit and enjoy a spiritual environment.  Consider a statue or fountain as part of your spiritual setting.  Make a few quick sketches, primarily plans,  of what you think each site might look like with a cross setting.  Add notes on existing plantings present or what you think might help create your spiritual setting at that particular spot. Take 3 or 4 pictures of each site from different angles,  for example, from close eye level, from a few feet away, and from an approach location.  If you have a garden walk, choose spots along the route that appeal to you. Number your sketches and / or photos to key them later and match them when you print out pictures.

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Load your pictures onto your computer,  place in folders,  look at your notes and assign keyed numbers to pictures that match your sketches. Modify your notes and cull the locations that on second thought do not seem right.  Narrow your selections down to two or three, or even the best spot.

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Revisit your special garden spot and bring along prints of pictures and your handwritten notes. Finish culling spots if you have not already done so.  Add second-thought-type comments to the notes on the spot or spots you have selected as your favorites.   Observe surroundings in the site and note the type of gardening cross you think would work best.  Small wood cross, rough timber cross, stacked stone cross, or a monolithic-type of carved cross. Add to your sketch by selecting the exact location for your cross and making other notes on what you will need to complete your spiritual cross setting to capture that special spiritual garden-cross spot.  Now get started on your garden cross!  For more ideas, see the Author’s articles for other type crosses you might use.

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Tips and Warnings:

  • Do make garden spot plan layouts on graph paper to scale.  Bring along a measuring tape to check the sizes and lay a pencil or your pad of paper down to help capture the scale of each spot sketched.
  • Be sure and provide sufficient notes on existing plantings of trees, bushes, and other landscaping features and include them in your pictures.  Think of added notes on landscape features. You will want to enhance the spots you select.  Consider stepping stones and paved areas, fountains, seats, benches, raised timber planting beds, and lighting.
  • Take some insect repellant along if needed. Better safe than sorry!
  • Watch out for the poison vines and stinging nettles!
  • Think ahead to future growth of existing and planned plantings.  Don’t let that interfere with your concepts!

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