The World’s Most Luxurious Cars

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A seven-storey mansion, a tropical island on the pacific, a yacht, a private jet, name it and the rich have it. Still the crowning glory of luxury are the rides.

The cars which not so often makes the man is a reflection of one’s style and of course lifestyle. Here below is the list of the most elegant and luxurious cars on today’s market. The prices are solely based on SRPs though it isn’t automatic that the most expensive is the most luxurious.

Bugatti Veyron

Price : $ 1,700,000

By far the most expensive car in the market. The Bugatti Veyron named after the famous race car diver Pierre Veyron, is considered as the second fastest and most powerful car in the world.

The car reaches acceleration from 0-60 mph in just 2.6 seconds.

Ferrari Enzo

Price : $ 670,000

The most popular of all supercars. The Ferrari Enzo is priced just under 700,000 but due to its rarity, having only 399 units ever produced, the Enzo could be brought in auctions by a whopping one million dollars.

The super sports car is made up of carbon fiber making it a flyweight car. It also parades a aerodynamic subsystem which boost safety and performance.

Lamborghini Reventon

Price : $ 1,600,000

Dubbed as the most outrageous Lamborghini ever produced. The production of the Reventon was limited to just 20 units all of which were sold even after they were made.

The car parades acute and obscure angles which makes it look stunning and luxurious. At first glance it somehow looks like Batman’s batmobile.

McLaren F1

Price : $ 970,000

Just a shade under one million dollars. The McLaren F1 is the most powerful McLaren ever produced. It is made up of expensive materials like titanium and gold.

The style and elegance of the F1 tops all McLaren and its 627 horsepower is fueled by a 6 L V12 engine.


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