15 Cents in Thailand

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The currency in Thailand is called the Thai “baht.”  As of right now, 1 dollar is worth 33 baht.  That means that 15 cents is equal to be about 5 baht and in Thailand, you can buy quite a few little items with 5 baht.  Here are 4 things you can buy with 15 cents in Thailand, just to name a few:

1)  A meal!  In the United States, you can pretty much forget about a meal for 15 cents unless you are homeless and go to a soup kitchen.  15 cents in Thailand, and you can buy a meal!  Not a very big meal, because most Thai people are not very big, but you can buy a little meal to hold you over for a couple of hours.  For example, you can buy a hot dog with 15 cents and load it up with mustard and ketchup and have a nice little meal or snack for a bigger person if you like hot dogs.  You can also buy a bag of white rice and pour some sauce on it and that bag will fill quite a few people up, whether big or small because rice is filling.  Some vendors sell crab on a stick for 15 cents, which isn’t really a meal but it tastes delicious.  Whatever the case may be, if funds get a little low or you want to spend money on something else, there is always the 5 baht option for a little something.

2)  A bottle of water!  For 15 cents, you can buy a 16 ounce bottle of water, and water is something you will drink a lot of when in Thailand, due to the heat.  There are not many brands that are 5 baht.  Most are 7-15 baht, but in almost every store, there is water that can be bought for 5 baht and it tastes like water.  I know in the United States, a bottle of Aquafina is close to $2.00 for a 20 ounce which is around 66 baht.  In some places, like 7/11, if you pay your bills there, sometimes they offer a free bottle of water for paying with them.  15 cents in Thailand will get you a bottle of water in most areas.

3)  A pack of cookies!  There are many shops that sell a pack of cookies for 15 cents.  There may be 4 cookies in a pack, but for 15 cents, this is a quick option for a quick snack.

4)  Transportation!  There is a vehicle in Thailand called a “Song Tau.”  This is an open-air truck with a roof that can hold over 30 people when it is packed and jammed.  The cost of this vehicle is 15 cents and it can take a person, depending on the area, several kilometers.  It will save the cost of a taxi and will get you to where you need to go if you are familiar with the routes.

Thailand is the place to go if you want to save some money and still have a wonderful time.  15 cents in Thailand will buy you some little things you may not have known!


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