Pants On The Gound Could Be Dangerous

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The 62 year old General Larry Platt brought to the world on American Idol a catchy song called “Pants on the Ground.” This song is extremely hilarious and the lyrics are oh so true.  The Pants on the ground fashion statement that the youth today enjoy is not making them look good.  Not only is these fashion statements not making our youth look good, but also can be flat out dangerous.

I really started to wonder if there are any dangers in this bizzare fashion statement, after hearing General Larry Platt’s song. After doing some research, I found that these droopy pants can cause more problems then just looking like a fool.  Have you ever seen a young person trying to get around wearing these pants? They have to hold them up and walk as if they are bow legged just to keep them from falling down.  This can not be good for the growing young person’s back or legs.  Another problem that could occur while wearing these pants is they need to run for any reason, they can easily fall and get hurt.  Worst yet, what if there is an emergency and one of these young people needed to run fast to get away from harms way.  They wouldn’t be able to run fast wearing these pants.  Wearing pants on the ground is not only foolish looking, but can be dangerous.  So, the best thing to do right now is invest in a belt and pull up those droopy draws. 


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