[Reaction] The Haiti Earthquake: Thousands of Victims Cries for Help

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January 12, 2010. Haiti, a country in the Caribbean, was hit by a deadly magnitude 7 earthquake. The quake greatly damaged Haiti’s capital city, Port-au-Prince. Other cities in Haiti were damaged as well.

Thousands of Haitians were reported dead and thousands were injured. Most of the buildings, houses, marketplaces, and other land structures were greatly destroyed from the said earthquake. Communication lines were also disrupted leaving many worried families and relatives who wish to hear some news regarding the safety and whereabouts of their loved ones.

Worst, many were still left under the ruins – some are trapped alive, some are missing, and some were found dead. Furthermore, dead bodies of the earthquake victims were just piled up all across the roads of Haiti and authorities fear that this could spread contagious diseases among the people.

This news regarding the Haiti earthquake really affected the world. It has led millions of people into worries, fears, and sorrows. Thus, this tragic event affected the world in two different aspects.

First is on the positive aspect. The Haiti Earthquake made people in different nations aware of the danger that earthquakes can bring. It has also lead people all across the globe to unite and extend help in many different ways. Others volunteer to give medical aid, others for food relief and clothing, others in rescue missions, and others donate whatever they can give in order to help.

Second is on the negative aspect. Many lives were killed in the earthquake. Those who had survived were left in hunger and homeless. Many properties were damaged and people cries for help. Many were still left in fear, afraid that the tragic incident could happen again.

This tragedy calls for awareness. It also showed that the preparations for natural calamities such as earthquakes among the third-world countries are very low which has led to thousands of victims suffering from its effect.

If this happens in other countries, are the people prepared? What can the government do in order to prepare for calamities such as this? It is time to act and become aware, not tomorrow… but TODAY.


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