Tips on How to Keep Flowers Fresh

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We love flowers, right? Especially women, flowers are needed in everyday living. We place it in a vase to beautify our homes, we give it to our loved ones, and we even present it to a sick family member or friend to show love and provide comfort. However, there is a need to keep flowers fresh for days. Is it not amazing to allow flowers to stay fresh while we view its beauty? Of course, yes. Here are various tips to keep flowers fresh.

Use a sharp knife instead of scissors, to cut off flowers. The best time to do it is during sun break or after sunset. It is best to cut stems at an angle.

The proper stage to cut dahlias is when they are in full bloom. With respect to roses, it is best to cut them when their buds are soft to touch. Gladioli should be cut when the first floret is open. For peonies, it should be cut when petals begin to open.

It is also necessary to place cut flowers in a cool place. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight too. Cut flowers must be packed loosely in a box generously lined with moist greens.

Before arranging the flowers, see that the vases and other containers have been washed well. Add a small amount of charcoal, ammonia, or salt in the water to minimize the growth of bacteria which causes flower stems to deteriorate fast.

Finally, make sure that the ends of the stems do not reach the bottom of the container.

With all these tips on how to keep flowers fresh, we may enjoy cutting flowers and be amazed of its beauty.


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