Creating Back Matter for Your Self-Published Book

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Before you publish your book you need to add back matter to your publication. Back matter is a place for your readers to quickly find various pages in your book. It is also an essential element of all professional publications. Place back matter at the end of your book.

Put your Epilogue on the first page of the back matter. The Epilogue consists of any further information you would like to add regarding your Memoir. This page is also where you would write about any plans for future volumes. Place your website information in the Epilogue.

Next, add an Appendix. Place in these pages maps, charts and photographs. Label each item in the Appendix. For example: Appendix A. Include each of these items in the Table of Contents.

Some books have a bibliography. This is usually a part of a non-fiction book. Make a bibliography by listing all the reference materials you used while researching and writing your book. Use APA guidelines to format your bibliography. There are programs online that will create the correct format for you.

Finally, organize an Index. This is optional but your readers will appreciate it! You can manually create an Index or your word processor can create one for you.

Don’t forget to add a photo of yourself. The last page of back matter is often used for biographical information about the writer (that would be you!). Write a brief summary about yourself for this page. Include here other books you have written and a link to your website.


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