The World’s most funny looks bantam

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I like to care this bird because it does not eat much and we just need small cage to care it. They can produce much egg. Some of bantams are able to care their kid until the kid mature.  The list is:

Silver Bantam

This bantam is a hybrid from British Breeder, John Sebright. The plume color is silver with black edge.  The egg productivity is high but they cannot care the kid.

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Golden Bantam

This bantam is similar with silver but the color of plume is golden. Like the silver, the cock has big comb and it make the bantam price expensive.

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Serama Bantam

The Bantam is hybrid from Malaysia that is the shortest bantam.  Malaysia often organizes Serama Championship. Serama weight is not more than one lbs or around half kilograms.

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Silkie Bantam

This bantam comes from China. China people breed it for egg because the egg productivity is high enough. It can produce more than 200 eggs a year. Some people believe it that eating this meat will cure some diseases

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Belgian breed Bantam

I think this is very funny bantam because his leg is similar with Elvis Presley pants. The tail is short too and Some chicken has beard too. This bantam come from Belgian.

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Japanese bantam

The Japanese is the beautiful bantam with white plume and red blood comb. This bird has been caring for over 350 years by Japanese aristocrat.

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The beautiful bantam from Vietnam has long plume. The feet have some plume so the bantam look has pants.

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