7 quick ways to improve memory

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The human brain is more complicated than the most advanced computers. The brain is just like any muscle in the human body. The more you exercise your memory, the more it will improve in capacity and in recalling information. Memory is essentially an activity of recalling information from what previously has been learned. Below I have listed seven way of improving your memory.

Regular exercise – Looking after your body can help improve your memory. When you exercise you are increasing the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain. This can help to release natural brain chemical that will help protect the brain.

Humour – Add some humour or funny elements to facts and figures you need to remember. The funnier the items the easier it will be to remember than ordinary items.

The Loci system – This is a method of remembering items by associating the items with a part of a familiar landmark you know. For example, this could be your commute to work. You could start at your house and associate items throughout your journey to work.

Healthy diet – A nutritious and healthy diet can improve your memory as well as bring you many health benefits. Research has shown that certain super foods stimulate certain parts of the brain. For example, omega3 acids are shown to increase concentration.

Imagery – Use imagery to remember facts and figures. The images must be as colourful and vivid as possible as this will help you to easily remember. For example, a pink elephant with a baseball cap is easier to remember than a normal elephant.

Repetition – The more frequently you review what you have the learned. The more it will get committed to memory. You should aim to review your learned material at regular intervals.

Acronyms – Use the first letters of a word to you want to remember to form a new word. For example, C, O, M, P. The letters should trigger your association with the actual word.


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