Adding Front Matter to Your Self-Published Book

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Open any book on your shelf and you will find front matter. Front matter consists of the first few pages of your self-published book and is a very important element of any professional looking publication. If you plan to distribute your book to family members or you plan to self publish your book, front matter is a must!

Here is how to start. Place your title about one third down and in the center of the first page of your Front Matter. Put the name of the author here also. Play with the fonts here, remembering to look at published books to find how their title pages are done. Next, put your copyright information, ISBN number, and permission to reproduce the content of your book on the second page. Also put here any publisher information. 

Make up your dedication to go on the third page. Center this information and place it about half way down the page. Use the forth page to list any acknowledgements you might have. This is the page where you say Thank You to all the people who helped you write your Memoir.

Organize your Table of Contents on the fifth page. Your word processing program can automatically do this for you. Place your preface on the sixth page. This page outlines your general purpose for writing your book. Replace the Preface with a Foreward or Prologue, if you wish. Don’t put page numbers on any of the pages in your front matter. Don’t use page numbers in your Preface. Use lower case Roman Numerals instead.


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