Darksiders Boss Walkthrough Guide to third boss- Griever.

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Griever is a real pain in the neck, partly because it’s nearly impossible to figure out how to kill the damn thing! Still, if you need a walkthrough or guide to help you kill this boss, rest assured, you’re not alone.

Your first encounter with griever is at the very start of the level. It doesn’t really matter what you do to her, so just pick up the gun and start shooting. Drop the gun and dodge if you can’t take the damage when Griever fires, but eventually the boss will run away.

This walkthrough doesn’t cover the level, suffice to say you meet Griever again at the end for the real boss battle! This guide will pick up there.

First, you need to clear a path to Griever. Use the tremor first to remove all the crystal you can, but you’ll notice the last 2 are invincible. To get rid of them, you need to approach Griever slowly, and then when the boss jumps up to push you back, dash out of range to avoid harm. Repeat this at least three times. After a few attempts, you should get the measure of the range, and it will be easier to avoid any damage.

You should now be able to break the crystals with tremor first. However, If Griever has turned them red with her laser, you will need to wait for them to cool down before you can do this. The best way to survive this period is to keep doing the coax and run tactic I mentioned in the last paragraph. Yes, I know it’s awkward, but this is an annoying boss battle (One of the most irritating In Darksiders).

Once you’ve cleared all the crystals, you can then proceed to attack Griever. Go and grab the back of the rail trolley and use the tremor first on it. It will harm Griever who will respond by thrashing around dropping rocks on you (as many a boss has). The battle is far from over! Dodge the rocks (They stop falling after about 30 seconds) and use the trolley again. Griever will then send a swarm of little bugs at you (So that’s where they came from…) Fight your way to the back of the trolley again (Gaining health as you do from killing The boss bugs). Get back to the trolley fast as Griever will also quickly start using her boss laser- the trolley provides cover. Send the trolley back at Griever again. She will now drop stunned. Run up to her and use the tremor first to expose her weak spot.

Griever will now start alternating between her bug attack and dropping rocks. Evade them as you have been for the previous sections of the boss battle, and keep throwing the trolley at her. It will stun her and you can attack Griever’s Weak spot directly.  Note that it won’t always stun the boss every time, so make sure Griever is dazed before you begin the attack.

Keep repeating this, and voilla! Walkthrough and boss battle over.

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