A Fairy Tickled My Ear

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A Fairy Tickled my Ear

I ask that you let your self go. It is the only way to find that secret love hidden within your dreams.  That love is in there and can do more for you than anything in reality.  Once you find each other, you can then go to places of adventure never written of any any story.   Do not wait any longer.

29 June 09

by Milton H Peebles III

A Fairy tickled my ear

And I woke up

Where was I now

So dark I can’t see

I blink and rub my eyes

To see sparkles flying all about

Each a color all their own

The red one whispered in my ear

My My

I wish I could fly

Float with the fairies

Going to some other where

I follow out the door

In my bare feet

Stars and moon show the way

Right into the deep woods

I don’t recognize this trail

I’ve never seen these rocks

Where did this huge tree come from

Who is the beautiful lady under the tree

She sings a seductive song

Luring me to her

Captivating my soul

While fairies dance in the air

Her hair is sparkling soft white

Eyes glimmering green

Voice as delicate as flowers

Skin white with so many freckles

I longed to know her name

A secret men had died for

Only her heart knew

The power of her name

Becoming lost to her

I will do anything

Where ever she send

What ever she wants

A fairy tickled my ear

And I woke up

Somewhere lost in time

Never to return to before


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