Re-Harvest a Medical Marijuana Plant.

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Things You’ll Need:

  • Scissors (which you should already have if you’re plant is near harvest or harvested).
  • Retractable razor blade (if you don’t have scissors).
  1. Before any harvesting happens, pick a plant that is near the end of it’s flowering stage. Make sure it has enough foliage and branches to actually be able to regenerate. So make sure the plant doesn’t have a single cola, and is very small, because it probably will take a lot longer to regenerate.

  2. When you have a plant you want to re-grow, go ahead and harvest the top cola and the main buds. But instead of completely removing all the buds and fan leaves, let there be a couple of sets of buds and leaves near the bottom of the plant. These buds are also known as popcorn buds. You can also leave a little leafage near the top. As long as there are a little leaves and buds to absorb light, it will grow again. Make sure they are complete sets of leaves too. In other words, make sure there are enough fan leaves on the actual plant to absorb light and perform photosynthesis.

  3. Once you are ready to re-grow the plant, put it back in its 16 to 24 hour light on vegetative cycle. New growth should sprout up in less than two weeks. After the plant is at the desired size, send it back to its flowering stage and harvest it again.


  • Make sure to leave enough foliage actually on the branches. If you don’t, the growth will be really slow and undesirable.

  • Work in a clean environment. Always use sanitized equipment.

  • Be in a secure environment, and be sure you are legally able to grow medicinal marijuana plants in whatever area you reside in. If you are not legally able to grow, then don’t do it.


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