Darksiders boss walkthrough, Guide to second Boss battle- Tiamat.

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This is the second boss battle in Darksiders, and the difficulty has been ramped up a few notches from The Jailer! Tiamat is not too hard, but you need to be good at evading and seizing opportunities as they arise.

The boss battle takes place in two stages, one with Tiamat in the air, and the second stage where Tiamat lands to fight War. Remember I mentioned how the Jailer boss battle was making sure you could handle the cross blade properly? This first section against the boss Tiamat is why! To begin with, there are sticky bombs all over the arena, grab one, throw it at Tiamat, and if it sticks you then need to launch the cross blade at it, first ensuing you bounce the cross blade off a fire to light the bomb. Is it just me, or does Darksiders remind you a lot of The Ocarina Of Time?

Of course, Tiamat will be trying to stop you do this (Wouldn’t be much of a boss battle if she didn’t would it?), so you need to worry about two attacks- the first is a standard fireball. Often, these will explode harmlessly on scenery, but if not, a quick dodge should do the trick. The second is a rake attack, when Tiamat will do a fly by and drag her talons across the arena. This is harder to dodge, but the idea is the same, simply use the dash button to move away at the last moment.

The second stage off the boss battle occurs after War has managed to detonate a few bombs on Tiamat (3 on normal mode). Tiamat will land and destroy the bombs, so you now have to battle her on the ground. The best way to do this is to lock onto the boss, keep your distance and keep trying to guide a fully charged cross blade onto her. Eventually, Tiamat will charge War. If you can complete a quick time event quickly enough, you will throw Tiamat back. Run over to her as quickly as you can, as it will be a few moments after she recovers before she begins attacking again. In this period you can get off maybe two or three slashes before Tiamat begins attacking you again.

Run away and repeat.

Eventually, Tiamat will stumble and you can run up to her and unleash a decent length combo on her. Run away when she gets back up though, or she will maul you! Keep repeating, and you will finally kill her.

Use wrath powers to deal extra damage when Tiamat is not stunned, to stun her more quickly.

Tiamat will of course fight back in this stage of the battle, beyond a basic claw attack and the aforementioned charge, she can also launch a string of fireballs at you (If you are at long range), or a dive bomb with a large AOE (if you’re at short range) Once you’ve seen these attacks, you should have no trouble dodging them, but you need to dash twice to avoid the fireballs.

Tiamat isn’t too hard, but the lack of weak spots can throw you off. Hopefully, this walkthrough will have helped.

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