How to Transform Deceptions into Lessons

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When you learn how to interpret your dreams using the unique scientific method that exactly translates their enigmatic meaning, you start learning who you really are, because you start getting in touch with the wild part of your psyche, that occupies the biggest part of your brain.

The unconscious mind produces your dreams and is always protecting you from the attacks of the anti-conscience. The anti-conscience is your primitive conscience that belongs to the wild part of your brain.

The unconscious mind also protects you from attacks of other people in your social environment. If others betray you, depending on the effect the bad event has on your psyche, you could completely lose your mental stability.

For example, a young woman dreamt that she fell from the roof of her house, but slowly, without hurting herself.

Later she suffered a big deception in her life, but she was able to easily overcome it, since her previous dreams (not only the last one) had prepared her to face this problem even though she did not necessarily understand that the previous dreams were a preparation.

She suffered a big deception, but she fell slowly, because she was protected by the unconscious mind. In her dreams she had been made aware of all her mistakes and the mistakes of the other people around her, so that when she learned the nature of her big deception, it didn’t have the impact it would have had if she had not been prepared.

Thanks to the preparation she had in her previous dreams, she understood that she was not happy in life and her decisions were not wise, so she was ready to change her attitude and correct what was wrong, when she had to face an unexpected problem.

Thus, even though she was not able to see exactly what she would learn in the future in her earlier dreams, she was prepared so that her life could take another course for a different reason. If she had not been prepared by her dreams she could have become depressed, but instead she was able to create a positive perspective for her life.

This way, everything was easier when the real problem appeared, and she was able to maintain her emotional and mental health without losing control or feeling despair.

Instead, she started seeing things she didn’t notice before and thinking about her past, her decisions and points in which she had been wrong.

After this lesson, she started thinking about how she could change and have a better future, completely forgetting what had happened.

She had other things in mind, a new future to build, her personality to develop, and many interesting and good things to do in life, thanks to the translation of the messages contained in her dreams.

She discovered a new world and started developing her personality, without feeling depressed on account of the big deception.

On the contrary, she felt that what had happened was the decisive event that helped her take action, and really try improving her life and do what she had always wanted to.


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