Choosing Something Blue for Your Wedding

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Something Blue for Brides: Polish
For a subtle touch of blue, brides should consider polishing their toenails their favorite shade of blue. Show off the polish in open-toed heels during a warm weather wedding. Consider matching fingernail polish for a bold statement.

Something Blue for Brides: Shoes
Finding the perfect shoes to match an ivory, champagne or white wedding gown can be daunting. Instead, brides can choose to make their shoes the “something blue” part of their wedding day. Whether they are dark navy, or robin egg blue, the bride should choose her favorite hue and style, and be sure to show them off in a few photos.

Something Blue for Brides: Bouquet Accessories
Add blue ribbons, handcrafted butterflies with blue wings or strings of blue beads to the bride’s bouquet. The extra touch of color will be admired as she walks down the aisle. Add a monogrammed handkerchief for an extra touch. The cloth or the monogram can be blue.

Something Blue for Brides: Undergarments
Bride’s wishing to keep the blue item a mystery may choose to wear blue undergarments on their wedding day. Since brassieres are often sewn into wedding gowns, many brides opt for blue panties. A blue garter may also be hidden beneath the wedding dress. Whether the blue undergarment is one simple shade of blue or patterned, brides should make sure it is not visible through the wedding gown.

Something Blue for Brides: Purse
An elegant blue suede clutch, or blue rhinestone encrusted bag is sure to get noticed. Every bride needs a purse for the essentials of her wedding day, so why not make it blue? For a more subdued look, brides may choose a purse that matches their gown and add a pin or broach. Rhinestone flowers, butterflies and hearts can add a touch of blue sparkle to the bride’s purse.

Something Blue for Brides: Clothes
Fall and winter brides may choose to purchase a wrap, bolero or full length coat to wear over their wedding gown when traveling to and from their wedding day festivities. Finish the cool weather look with matching gloves, a scarf or head wrap. Choosing blue garments is much easier than trying to match the exact hue of the wedding gown.

Something Blue for Brides: Jewelry
A pair of sapphire earrings are an extravagant, yet elegant, blue addition to any bride’s ensemble. A right-hand ring made of blue topaz, a blue garnet pendant necklace or even a blue beaded ankle bracelet will also add a splash of color to the wedding day. Blue hair jewelry such as tiaras, clips and barrettes add a subtle splash of blue.

From whimsical nail polish to elegant jewelry, there’s something blue for every bride.



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