Darksiders boss walkthrough, Guide to first Boss Battle- The Jailer.

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This is the first boss battle in Darksiders, and it can be a little tricky thanks to Darksiders’ ‘unique’ controls. To begin with, you need to make sure you’re using the targeting, and you are set on the Jailer boss. The Jailer doesn’t have too many special attacks, all he will do is attack you with standard sweeps of his arms, and sometimes spawn enemies. The easiest way to defeat the Jailer boss is to begin by keeping clear of him, and then charging up your cross blade.

Once you’ve got your cross blade charged, click into aim mode. You’re trying to target the three yellow blobs on the Jailer boss’ left shoulder (On War’s right). Like most games, the bosses in Darksiders sometimes have weak spots. You need to be able to hit all three in one sweep, so make sure you lock onto all of them. If you can get a few of the skeletons on lock too, even better.

Release the cross blade and it will zoom off and destroy the three yellow blobs. This will stun the Jailer, and War can then run up to the humanoid form on the boss’ chest and hack away at him. Once the Jailer starts to get up, run away quickly, as the boss is about to go berserk! Let him calm down, and keep your distance, then repeat the procedure until you can execute a finishing move.

All in all, The Jailer is a very simple first boss and a smooth introduction to Darksiders’ tougher enemies.

Oh, a note on the skeletons. Provided you keep War moving (Make use of the dash button), they shouldn’t bother you too much. Still, if you get the chance, you might want to bump a few of them off, as they can be an issue when you are attacking the Jailer once he’s been stunned. Don’t feel you need to wipe them out though, as the Jailer will simply replace them if you do.

The main purpose of the Boss battle with the Jailer is to give you a walkthrough for using the cross blade in combat, including making sure you can guide it to multiple targets. It’s very important to be able to do this on the fly, so make sure you’re comfortable with the cross blade before going into Jailer boss battle. It’s a nice feature of Darksiders’ gameplay.

That’s it, I hope this walkthrough was a helpful guide, and more are coming.

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