Special Touches for Your Wedding Ceremony

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Celebrate Family Heritage
Research the lineage of both the bride and the groom. Begin by interviewing grandparents and looking through old family photo albums. Note the cultural traditions and wedding ceremony rituals each culture possesses. Incorporating pieces of the past into a modern wedding is a wonderful way to celebrate each other’s cultures, especially if they differ. Presenting a bit of history will enlighten the wedding ceremony guests, as well as celebrate deep rooted family values.

If old family photos are plentiful, the couple should consider creating a photo slide show of historical photographs. Many couples present images of themselves as children, but why not take it a step even further back? A wedding is the union of two families from differing backgrounds. Presenting a visual history of both families lets the guests know more about each other and creates conversations.

Honor Loved Ones
Many wedding couples honor loved ones that couldn’t be present at the ceremony with a bouquet of flowers at the alter. Whether they are serving in the military, live too far away to attend or have passed on, the remembrance is always cherished by those in attendance.

Honoring loved ones that are present at the wedding ceremony is a popular new trend that is sure to create many memories. The couple can arrange for musicians or a recording of a favorite song to be played while the bride and the groom takes a quick moment to visit with special guests in the audience. Brides often give roses and kisses to grandparents and mothers. The groom often gives hugs and handshakes to grandparents and fathers. This simple moment of one-on-one interaction allow the guests to see the bride and groom interact on a personal level and share in the emotion of their wedding day.

Read Favorite Literature
Readings of favorite scripture lets the audience know the couple’s beliefs and values. The couple can take it one step further and read other favorite pieces of literature. From poetry to short narratives, additional readings make a wedding ceremony special. Dr. Seuss’ Oh, the Places You’ll Go! or lines from Romeo and Juliet are both inspirational and loving.

Ask parents, bridesmaids, groomsmen or siblings of the couple to read the passages for an extra special touch. The officiant doesn’t have to do all the work, and incorporating family makes the ceremony more memorable.

Adding a few twists to the traditional wedding ceremony is sure to make it memorable for everyone in attendance. A hint of cultural heritage, the couples beliefs and a unique style will make the wedding special for family, friends and the newlyweds.


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