Finding Your Online Niche

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Working from home is everyone’s dream. Whether you are trying to sell a product, or attempting to get your own fledgling business off the ground, it is possible to find your online niche with some pre planning.

Evaluate your skills. What are you good at? Are you great at telling others how to accomplish something or get to a specific end result? If so perhaps writing is your niche. You can find many great sites online for writing and marketing your articles. Don’t limit yourself to just one site. Each writing site works slightly different so be sure to read the fine print. Some companies pay upfront as the articles come in, while others pay on a monthly basis and you earn a percentage of the overall revenue earned.

Perhaps you don’t mind filling out forms. If this is the case, you could consider online surveys. Though surveys don’t necessarily pay a lot you can earn a few dollars from doing them. Make sure the sites you use are honest. Do your research and read some testimonials before committing yourself and above all, never pay to use such sites. If the sites wants you to pay for using their site, chances are the site is not legitimate.

Go one step further and get some referral’s to make your online work even more lucrative. Referral’s whether for writing articles or paid survey sites will help your income to soar. You will get additional income and a percentage of what your referral’s earn. In addition, if your referral’s get a referral, you will get a percentage of that also.

There are also many jobs that are party oriented such as Pampered Chef, Uppercase Living and such. If you like to throw parties and know some friends that enjoy attending parties this could be a great and very lucrative niche for you. To get started in this sort of venture you will be required to purchase a “sign up” package or “demonstrator package”. Your training will often be in the form of a DVD or CD and sometimes you will have local support but often you will be more on your own to figure out how to work your party plan. As above, getting others to sign up under you will greatly help in your income.

Once you have decided (whether from examples above or from other great choices available online) you will want to do some marketing to get your name or services out there. Take advantage of social marketing venues such as facebook, twitter, reddit and such. Share your articles with friends, family and anyone you know. Add a subscriber link to your site and invite others to subscribe and come back often.

These ideas and more will help you in your endeavor to successfully find your online niche and become the person you always dreamed of being.


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