How to Recognize the Signs of Depression

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Depression, sometimes referred to as major depression or clinical depression, is one of the most common medical illness in the world. Depression effects both the mind and the body. There are several possible causes of depression such biochemicals (chemicals in the body such as an hormonal imbalance or neurotransmitters which are linked to mood), it may be genetic, or caused by environmental stress. It maybe and more likely a combination of the three major factors.

There are several symptoms of depression and vary in severity from person to person. The more severe the depression the easier it is to detect. Milder cases are not as easily detected and may just be said that the person is having a “bad day”.

some of the common symptoms of depression are listed below, but for a fuller list and a deeper understanding of depression there are several links listed below and healthcare provider should be able to give you literature that would be of some help to you.

If any of these symptoms exist for 2 weeks then contact a healthcare provider concerning these symptoms.


1. Loss of interest in regular daily activities such going to work, cooking and cleaning, spending time with the family.

2. Persistant feeling s of sadness or being down.

3. Feelings of despair

4. Crying spells for no apparent reason

5. Problem sleeping

6. Trouble focusing or concentrating; being easily distracted

7. Being easily annoyed and/or irritable

8. Feeling tired and weak

9. Unexplained physical ailments like back pains and heaches

10. Restlessness

11. Feelings of worthlessness

12. Thoughts of suicide or suicidal behavior                                                                                                                          (if this symptom is apparent then consult a healthcare provider immediately)

This is not a complete list of symptoms but some of the most common and these symptoms vary in severity and how vidible they are. For a more complete list of symptoms and a more indepth understanding depression you may follow one of the links below.

The Mayo Clinic                                                          

The National Institute of Mental Health


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