Ways to save time when preparing meals

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After working all day we all dread the idea of coming home and working a few more hours because we must cook and clean for our families. This is something we cannot avoid. Since it is mandatory it’s best for us to consider taking shortcuts in every way we can. By doing so we can get finished sooner so we can get off of our feet as well as spend quality time with our families. Here a few shortcuts that I find are helpful when I am preparing meals

Save time and trips
As you are cooking find a designated area on the counter where you can place everything you need to throw away. You will save a little time by not taking multiple trips over to the trash can. 

Use idle time to clean
As you are cooking and you have a little idle time, if you have food simmering or sauteing you should take advantage of this time to maybe wipe down counters , throw away your trash or put away food items you were using.This will also make your after dinner clean up a bit easier 

Make good use of your pots and pans
If you are preparing a one dish meal you can save alot of time. If your cooking something like enchiladas you can serve the them out of the same pan as you cooked them in. If you have any leftover you can just put a lid over it and place it in the refrigerator.


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