Denture tablets are useful in cleaning build up

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Denture tablets! Using these tablets to help you clean household items that are stained or items that have accumulated that crusty build up we dread having to clean will save us time as well as the time we use in scrubbing. Denture tablets can clean in as little as 15 minutes but in some cases overnight. For those items that are really difficult to clean then they need to be treated overnight with hot water and one tablet. Especially for those hard to reach places that has accumulated a build up and you cannot reach it it can be cleaned with just one tablet and hot water. 

Toilet Bowl
To save you time and energy used in scrubbing the stains out of your toilet you can just simply drop one denture tablet into the bowl at night. By morning all you have to do is give it a quick brush and flush. That easy those stains are gone. 

Coffee maker
To clean or prevent that build up you get in your coffee maker can done scrub free. Simply fill the tank of the coffee maker with hot water , drop in one tablet and allow it to dissolve. Once dissolved you are going to run the coffee maker for one complete cycle. When it’s done pour that water out and refill it with fresh water and run that water for one complete cycle to rinse to tank. Your maker is now thoroughly cleaned. 

Vases And Decanter Cleaning
To clean out that mossy or crusty build up that is accumulated at the bottom of your vases or decanters all that is needed one denture tablet and water  File the empty vase with warm water and simply drop in the tablet. Let sit for a couple of hours in most cases but for some you may need to allow it to sit over night.


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