You Can Get Darth Vader Mask In Children’s and Toddlers’ Version

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If you can’t figure out what costume your child is going to wear this Halloween, then why not let him dress up as Darth Vader. You will have no trouble looking for child sized costume of Darth Vader. Even the Darth Vader mask is now available for children.

There are a lot of Darth Vader mask sets for children available today. Before, these masks were only made for adult sizes.  Now even the kids can join in on being the terror of the galaxy. One variation of the Darth Vader mask for children is the half face mask. It will only cover the face and in some ways this is better as it will not be too much of a problem to wear. The dark eyes of the mask are not fitted with eye holes. Instead, the dark eyes of the Darth Vader mask are really fitted with tinted lenses.

Surely your kids will enjoy a Darth Vader mask that has a built-in voice changer. In fact, it includes some pre recorded lines from the original Star Wars movies.  It will surely be a hit with the children.  

The Darth Vader mask for children is a very nice replica of the original mask for adults. It was only scaled down to the heads and faces of small children but with basically the same features. Though this mask is not suitable for toddlers, you can always get the toddlers a Darth Vader hat and cape. The hat is suitable as it is only made of cloth and will not have any hard edges that may be uncomfortable for toddlers.

The Darth Vader mask will go perfect with the Darth Vader costume for kids or if you are short on budget, just some black pants, a black shirt and some black boots will do. The Darth Vader mask for children, almost always have the Darth Vader cape included in the package.

As for the Darth Vader mask that has a voice changer, batteries are not an issue as sometimes batteries are included. If not, they will only need just a pair of AA batteries or a pair of AAA batteries and would last for a long time before needing replacement.

This Halloween let your children enjoy trick or treating the Start Wars way. If your kids do not fancy Darth Vader, they can always take on the role of a storm trooper, C3PO, R2D2 or even Chewbacca.

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