Daredevil Comic Are Comics With Excellent Storylines

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Daredevil is one of comic creator Stan Lee’s characters. Like the more popular superhero Spiderman, Daredevil leads a normal life filled with everyday challenges. This is one of the key points in the Daredevil comic which made it popular to the masses.  

People can relate to him and his everyday problems, form financial problems up to failed and depressing relationships.  Almost all of his love interests have been killed or badly hurt or even lost their sanity. Though a superhero, the Daredevil comic series still portray him as having fits of depression, and even a nervous breakdown.

Daredevil comic Storyline
Daredevil or Matthew Murdock is a lawyer by day and a crime fighter by night. He is not invulnerable; in fact Daredevil is even blind. He became blind when he saved someone from a truck filled with radioactive materials.  Though blinded by the accident, his other senses were enhanced to superhuman proportions.  

This makes him capable in fighting organized crime in Hell’s Kitchen, New York. The Daredevil comic series is unique as it even explains how Matthew Murdock gets by in his life and in fighting crime. His other four senses can make his vision better than any other normal person. This is because his sense of hearing is so sensitive that he can make out the shape and size of objects around him by echolocation.  

He uses as sonar and can sense objects much like radar, which means that he can detect anything around. His heightened sense of hearing gives him great balance. It lets him traverse around the city much like a gymnast.  Unfortunately this heightened sensory perception is also his greatest weakness. He becomes disoriented when he is subjected to intense sound and smell.
The Daredevil comic has one of the most comprehensive storyline among all other comic book characters. In fact, there are barely any loopholes in its plot. The story is well thought of as it even explains how he manages to detect if someone is lying just by listening to the person’s heartbeat.

In one of the Daredevil comic episodes, hHe even found out Spiderman’s true identity because of this. But later this was undone due to some scenes involving Spiderman’s deal with Mephisto. The Daredevil comic series even has an explanation about his weapon.  It is disguised as a blind man’s cane but can be split apart. It features a grappling hook with an aircraft control cable that enables him to rappel around the city.

Due to its entertainment value and how people can relate to Daredevil’s character, the Daredevil comic character remains a favorite and a classic. The Daredevil comic superhero has gained popularity even with the younger generation when his story hit the big screen in 2003.

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