Dance Halloween Costume A Practical Choice

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Some of the most practical costumes to wear on Halloween’s Eve are the dance costumes. There’s always a dance costume in the house which was used in some school program. Better yet, if you have to buy a costume for the Halloween, one of the kids can always use a dance costume for some future school program. However, dance costumes abound and most of the popular ones have always been taken as a kid’s chosen costume for the event. Ballerina dresses and tutu skirts are overused; Hawaiian hula skirts will be too tropical for the cold November climate. What other choice do you have?

Here are some suggestions for you to consider:

The Inflatable Hula Costume
This is the solution for those who have long wanted to put on a Hawaiian hula outfit. However, you may have to wear it with some twist. The dance costume comes as inflatable and will provide you the warmth you need, but it will end up looking like an oversized body of an island girl wearing the brassiere tops and grass skirts. This unique dance costume may not be sexy but it is fun and creative.

The 1920s Flapper Dress Costume
These costumes are simply best for dancing and they come in two types. You can be the gangster moll, who dances in black flapper dress in bars. To create a total effect you can wear a black bobbed-wig which frames your face in bangs and hair on both sides with cupping effect up to your chin. The typical flapper dress has several rows of fringes which swishes and sways as one walks and more so as she dances the Charleston steps. Top it with a black boa feather draped around the neck flowing down on the front and put on long strands of beads.

A black sequined headdress with an upright black feather can be worn over you black wig. Complete the flapper dance costume with a black sequined purse on one hand and a long cigarette holder on the other.

Now you can wear your flapper dance costume in a different way by donning a different color. You’ll be the socialite who goes with her man putting on the Ritz during the great Gatsby era when the rich society had a penchant for wearing all white.     

Your flapper dance costume will be all white with a more covered look in the shoulder area but also danceable with lame fabric. White boa and white headdress and the wig comes in platinum blonde tint in a different hairstyle. Instead of straight and bobbed, it will be platinum waves capping your head.                    

The Flamenco Costume
The ultra-feminine dance which can make you kick-up your heels wearing sleek and long Latin bias-cut skirts. The flamenco dance costume should have those swirls around the knee and off-the-shoulder blouse. Adorn your hair not only with a red rose tucked behind your ears but also with the black lace Spanish mantilla or veil.

These are dance costumes for beautiful dance steps which you can learn from ballroom dancing tutorials. This way you can have a chance to wear authentic dance costumes and get into the right mood and attitude.

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