Cute Dog Collar Is A Beautiful Adornment For Dog

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Some people disapprove the idea of making pets wear uncomfortable dog costumes but they welcome its alternative which is a cute dog collar. Cute dog collar designs have a wide range of choices based on the dogs breed and what particular design you would like.

A cute dog collar for a small dog will most probably be one that is very glamorous. Some makers of a cute dog collar designs suggest that it is better for small dogs to wear their collars like jewelry. Their small necks will be covered by dog collars that resemble a studded choker or a necklace.  Some even have dangling accessories to match the collar.

Some pet lovers, who like to have a lot of fun, make a contrasting effect by using leather collars for their small dog. The little one will look very aggressive with leather collars that are heavily riveted or spiked which is a good example of a cute dog collar. Just make sure the spikes are not really sharp for obvious reasons. Another tip when getting a dog collar is to make sure that it’s sturdy enough and will not easily break when attached to the dog’s leash.

Whoever said that big dogs will never look cute is very wrong especially if the dog is wearing a cute dog collar that matches the dog’s personality. Of course bigger dogs have different designs than those of their smaller counterparts.  Big dogs can also wear jewelry for collars but are not that heavily adorned with decorative stones.

For big dogs, a rule of thumb is to keep the collars simple. One suggestion for big dogs is the strong sturdy dog collar with his name emblazoned in jewel like fashion. Take note that real stones and precious metals are not that durable.  This kind of cute dog collar is better off with imitation stones that are water proof.  So, even if your dog plays a little rough, the stones and metal will still be intact and will still sparkle and shine after cleaning.

The most important criteria to make dog collar suitable for big dogs, is the sturdiness which can withstand abuse from the dog.  Some cute dog collar designs made for big dogs are rigorously tested. Some materials used are leather, nylon with soft colors woven to provide the designs. This way the collar not only looks great but also as durable as well.

With a wide range of cute dog collar designs, surely you will be able to find one that suits your dog’s personality.

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