You Can Make Creative Halloween Costume

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The quality of being creative is not necessarily having the luxury of all the available tools and materials to create something. A person is said to be creative if his ideas can be used to make something, using what is available and at hand. Any spending is very minimal if needed. Thus, in looking for a creative Halloween costume in the net, this should be your guiding principles so you don’t hurt your back or your bank account just to have something creative to wear for Halloween.

Here are some suggestions for a creative Halloween costume:

When-I’m- Sixty-Four Creative Halloween Costume
To do this creative Halloween costume, borrow your grandmother’s dress; get some old ties and two baby blankets. While you’re at it borrow your grandmother’s old shoes, the more vintage looking the better. A pair of grandmother spectacles if any; if there isn’t one any spectacles will do. Some thick stockings and your grandmother’s vintage purse; if grandma has an old cane she’s not using anymore, grab that too.   

Before putting on your grandmother’s dress as your creative Halloween costume, fold a baby blanket and sew some big stitches just to keep the fold in place. Sew the old ties too because you will use the baby blankets to make your backside seem larger. Do the same to the other baby blanket but this time put in as an add-on to your chests and the more they droop, the better. Now put on grandmas’ dress and put on some belt so your dropping bosom won’t drop to the floor.

For special effects, put on some base foundation and use an eyebrow liner to create some subtle wrinkles and crow’s feet on your face. Apply a lot of white powder on your hair to turn you into a white-haired granny. Put on the spectacles, the stockings, the vintage shoes and walk bent from the waist holding on to granny’s old cane. Talk in a raspy voice then fill your vintage purse with candy to offer the young guys.

Here’s One for the Books – Creative Halloween Costume
You cannot get any cheaper and a more creative Halloween costume than this one. Get a half part of some old hard bound book cover and use an empty box to make them look like the book pages.  Make sure the book will fit your face like a mask. Provide some holes for your eyes. Attach a ribbon on both sides which you can use to tie the old book around your head.

Now here’s the catch for this creative Halloween costume, don’t leave the book without cover. Capture an image of Facebook’s. Opening page and paste it on the face of your book. Now who could you be?   

These are only some of the creative Halloween costumes you will find as you keep searching the net for more ideas if you cannot come up with one.

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