Express Your Views and Have Fun By Creating a Blog

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Right now, blogging is one of the most popular ways to spend your leisure time. This might be because there are ways to have fun blogging and earn money doing it. But how do you create a blog?

First of all you need a topic. Getting a topic might not be that easy. When you create a blog, you should first pick a topic that you can easily maintain.  Blogging is all about expressing your views so if you write about a topic that you barely know, your blog will struggle just to get updated.

You should pick keywords for your topic so your blog site will be visited when someone researches about your keyword. It is best to plan on what to write for at least two months in advance, this way you will not be pressured in updating it every so often.

Hosting site
Now, that you have the foundations to create a blog, you can start looking for blog hosting sites. These are sites that will let you post content under their URL. They will most commonly have an interactive interface that you can run on your browser to edit the appearance of your blog. When opening a blog account on your website, you should also choose a URL that is very easy to remember so your viewers will find it easy to recall your URL. They can easily visit your site even if they forget to bookmark your site in their browsers.

Colors and Background
As for the colors on your blog, feel free to customize it based on your personal style. Just make sure that when you create a blog, your colors are well blended and not at all painful or glaring to look at. As for the backgrounds, choose an image that can make your site stand out. This is important when you create a blog.  Make sure that the image file you will upload is of a small file size so as not to affect its loading in other people’s browsers.

Getting Traffic to Your Site
Now that you know how to create a blog you should also learn how to get traffic to your site. To start things off, have your friends and relatives visit your site.  Get their comments, whether it be a positive or a negative one and use them to improve your blog.  If they like and enjoy reading or visiting your blog then maybe you can invite them to create a blog of their own.  

When you create a blog you may find it hard to be known by everyone but don’t lose hope. Once you get a lot of visitors at your blog site you can start earning by placing advertisements on your site.  

With all of these in mind, just don’t forget that when you create a blog, your goal is to have fun and share with others.  Hopefully, you can also meet good people who are also taking up blogging as a hobby.

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