Work at Home Jobs for Moms: Getting Paid What You’re Worth

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Do you have trouble asking for a raise? Are you settling for lower payments because you think you can’t make much more? There are plenty of work at home jobs for moms that pay well and won’t make you feel guilty, but you need a few things to get started.

Self-confidence. That’s right, we’re starting with you! How you feel about yourself is going to have a huge impact on whether or not you’re getting paid what you should be. If you feel that you have no skills to offer, your bids on jobs are going to be weak. You need to build up your confidence and realize that you are, indeed, worth more.

The best way to start this is through . . .
Education. No, you don’t need to have a degree from a fancy college, but knowing what you’re talking about is a big step toward getting paid more. That doesn’t even mean you have to take a course, though this can be a great way to give yourself a rapid boost in your area of interest. An ebook, print book or any other source of information can often give you enough to get started. When you feel you understand the area you’re looking for work at home jobs for moms in, you’ll be confident enough to ask for more money.

Experience. There’s nothing like a good chunk of experience to prove to future employers that you are worth every penny of your wage. That being said, there’s no reason you can’t be paid for getting that experience. Never do anything for free! If you do choose to go pro bono, make sure you get a recommendation, testimonial or other useful item from the client and never do more than a couple of freebies. Once you have that, you are more than ready to charge for your services, even if you are going lower than usual for the first one.

Never, ever undersell yourself. Make sure you know the going rate for whatever area you’re interested in and then match it. Why should you be paid less than others? Some work at home jobs for moms will try to convince you that you should work for less because the job is flexible so you can stay home with the kids, but don’t listen. You deserve to be paid just as much as anyone else.

Work at home jobs for moms should pay well. If you come across one that doesn’t, keep looking! Remember that you deserve more.


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