Crazy Contact Lens To Go Wild and Weird

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In the past, contact lenses were only used to correct people’s defective vision. It served as an alternative to wearing bulky glasses. Later on someone decided to make use of them for aesthetic effects like changing the color of the iris. Someone came up with the idea of crazy contact lens for movie special effects. Characters that portrayed monsters soon enough found these lenses useful as a means for transformation where their eyes would change dramatically.  

Nowadays, contact lens designs like those in the movies are available for anyone. Even if you don’t have vision impairments you can wear crazy contact lens designs provided you have a prescription. Crazy contact lens designs may seem just like a novelty item, but U.S. laws require that doctors should first check if you can wear them, hence the need to present prescriptions.

There are limitless crazy lens designs available today, from contact lenses that imitate the look of animal eyes up to getting your own custom designs.

Some of the crazy contact lens designs are ones like pairs of cat eyes, ape eyes, wolf eyes, or even snake eyes. These lens designs are great for attending costume events while dressed like an animal. These will go perfectly well if your face is painted to resemble the animal.

There are crazy contact lens designs that resemble the eyes of fictional characters in the movies Twilight, Underworld and even that of the Sharingan eyes in the popular anime Naruto.

Some designs can be really weird but they possess a lot of childish appeal. There are crazy contact lens designs that turn your eyes into a smiley, a soccer ball, or even the eight ball in billiards or better yet give your eyes a full white color with a large X in place of the iris.

For the really crazy contact lens designs, there are lenses that would turn your iris into a mirror, would glow in the dark or even change the whole eye appearance and make you look like you have two pupils in a single eye.

Those mentioned above are the amusing ones, some designs are a bit on the subtle side. These are the ones that give your eyes a soft hazel tone, angelic blue eyes or just a calming shade of purple.

Crazy contact lens designs are a lot of fun. Just make sure that you follow the directions that come with them and the ones specified by your eye doctor.

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